Top 4 fitness websites

You will find lots of fitness websites on the Internet. Here are the top 4 fitness sites of this year. Don’t forget to check these out of fitness is on the list of your new year’s resolutions.


This site has huge number of visitors everyday. In this site, you can set your goal, find a plan, see your progress and stay motivated all day. It has an online supplement store with reviews of each product. They also provide free newsletters.The site offers lot of choices for fat burning and muscle building.

Jillian Michaels


This has become a household name. Jillian Michaels fitness and nutrition advice helps you to get the body you dream of. It  is flexible and so lets you eat and exercise according to your build, lifestyle and goals. It provides emotional and motivational support also that is needed to exercise and eat healthy food. This site will change the way you think about yourself, as you will always be charged up. It provides meal planners and exercise videos. There is a  forum, where you can talk to other people and share your experience.

Fitness Blender


This site provides lot of information and free fitness videos. There is a calendar option in this site which allows you to organize your workouts. The videos are very informative and clear. There are exercise videos to improve every part of your body.

Nerd Fitness


The site provides some effective fitness and diet plans that suit your lifestyle. If you are struggling to lose weight, then this site will be extremely helpful to you. It shows you different approaches to exercising.
All these sites are among the top ranked fitness sites this year. If you are looking for great diet and exercise tips, then you must visit these sites.

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